My Story: Sam

Sam founded Dolgin Digital Media to pursue his passion for using engaging content to help socially-minded businesses and non-profit enterprises.

Sam began his journey in digital marketing as an intern for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the largest Community Development Financial Institution in the United States. Sam grew to become the organization's national social media coordinator, directly responsible for its main accounts and supporting accounts at 30+ local offices. At LISC, Sam began working with small business entrepreneurs whose contributions to their community inspired him to start Dolgin Digital Media.

Sam grew up in New York City, where he attended Stuyvesant High School. After studying Political Science and Anthropology at the University of Chicago, he joined AmeriCorps and then the Peace Corps, serving in Delaware and Armenia, respectively. 

Sam lives in New York City with his fiancee and two dogs, Duck and Chester.  In his free time he enjoys motorcycling and hiking through the Hudson Valley and New England and mentoring Stuyvesant students. His latest passion project is studying for the FAA drone pilots exam.